Kindness has a ripple effect!

One of the most interesting and hardest things about inviting a stranger from another part of the world, or being willing to live in a stranger’s house on the other side of the world, is the emotional journey. Most people are not prepared for it. It is a good idea to go out of your way whenever possible, to just be KIND.

I read about a girl who was researching kindness by doing “random acts” for 60 days all over Europe. One day she bought donuts at Krispy Kreme and gave them out at a bus stop. In return she was given a private tour of a small part of Edinburgh Scotland and all kinds of insider advice and knowledge from a man who stopped because she offered him a donut.

The full story is on a website dedicated to improving the world through kindness:

Even if you don’t apply to become a “raktivist”, it is always good to remember that going out of your way for your Host Family or Au Pair can have unintended amazing consequences and help you weather the hard times.

Thursday, 19 July 2018 5:27 PM


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